Broken : everywhere

I still remember, me a 6 years back,I was not the one I am today.I was so bold ,aggressive,rebel and immature[for the society] to inside and outside.Indeed, I opposed everything I felt wrong about,and as a result led to my mother’s sorrow.
That was the time I changed myself ,I became afraid of all my actions,because no one was there to protect me ,thus I felt insecure.I opened up my emotions will everyone I trusted ,but they ended up breaking my trust over them.My friends never knew how to handle me ,thus they broke up with me .Now I am a mere sponge ,who only know to welcome tears and shed it. I never felt confident with my abilities but indeed I was confident with my decisions.It is this totally absurd obligations of the society which made me this way.If I was given one more chance I would have lived my life in the way I wanted to, and will never let the society to breake it.I feel very much regretted about my change,but I am not able to escape from it ,beacause I am caged by the fear of embarrassing my beloved ones.What I could do is regret.Regret to my broken heart, for letting it breake.

Daily Prompt: Guilty

guilty:The worst of all emotions existed.
The word guilt grows with every child from the day he or she gets mature enough to know what is the right and wrong of the society .It is the one and only thing that eats us if we are weak to be literaly guilt can be termed as a “virus”.so never let it consume you if your choice favours your existence.
So be bold to fight your guilty which you feel unneccessary to you . And realise that what happened has happened and feeling guilty ,is not a time-machine which could make you relive the moments you felt the worst.

First blog post

Hi everyone this is my first blog post.I actually started this inorder to overcome my fears of facing the writing world which I think I am not good at.But I now for sure that writing gives me a sort of relief from all the “teenage frustrations”.From today this choice of writing a blog will make a difference in me and you.Everyone may not be able to accept my opinions and views but I am quiet sure that you can atleast relate to it.